Mr Adrian Pereira, PBM, Organizing Chairman for Woodlands Talent 2 announcing the chosen finalists for Woodlands Talent 2. 12 finalists were chosen instead of just 10. The Viewers’ Choice Award winner is also announced as well.

For the 12 finalists, please take note that there is a COMPULSORY briefing cum rehearsals on the 20th March 2011 (Sunday) from 1.00pm onwards at Woodlands CC. Please refer to your email soon. Please call Woodlands CC (Mr Ahmad / Ms Noraini) at 6368 9938 for clarifications.


Hey guys, the organizing committee has made their choice. Do keep a lookout these few days for the much-anticipated results of the chosen finalists!

Viewers’ Choice Award

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The 29 participants auditioning for Woodlands Talent 2 need your support. The participant with the most “Likes” in his/her video in YouTube will win the Viewers’ Choice Award worth $150!

Voting will end/stop on 11th March 2011 @ 2359hrs or 11.59pm.

The winner for the Viewers’ Choice Award will be announced after 11th March 2011.

Stay tuned!

Link to Woodlands New Media YouTube Channel:

As the dateline has passed, 29 entries were successful in submitting their registration and videos. For those that were not successful, we do hope that you still keep up the spirit of talent and performing and that you would join us again if there is a Woodlands Talent 3 🙂

For the 29 participants, please keep a lookout for the announcement of the 10 selected finalists as well as the winner of the Viewer’s Choice Award via the following channels:

A) Email

B) Woodlands New Media YouTube Channel

C) Woodlands Talent 2 WordPress Blog

Results will be announced in Mid March. Do keep a lookout! 🙂

Still haven’t submit? The deadline is tomorrow! 4th March 2011, Friday!

Please take note of the following:

– If you’re submitting via email (, the deadline is at 2359hrs or 11.59pm.

– If you’re submitting physically (via CD as well as the registration form) to Woodlands CC (1 Woodlands St 81 Singapore 738526), the deadline is at 2145hrs or 9.45pm.


Please Remember The Dateline

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Hey guys, we just realized that we made a mistake in “Woodlands Talent 2 Registration Form” page.

The closing date to submit both your audition video and registration form is NOT 26th March 2011.

The closing date is 4th March 2011.

Please take note. Thank you.

Hey guys, doing your audition video? Remember the important points to note so that you need not redo your video again. Do refer to the Rules & Regulations as well as the Sample Audition Video as a guideline. Should you need further clarifications, please do not hesitate to call Ahmad/Noraini @ 6368 9938 (Woodlands CC) or email your enquiry to